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Easy Green Sprouter



The Easy Green Sprouter is designed for starting virtually any sproutable seed.

Complete with Mist Generator, Timer, 5 cartridges, Owner's Manual, collection pan, and drain tube.
The EasyGreen Front Loader is ready to use. Just add water and seeds.

Key Features of the Easy Green Sprouter

Sprouting Seeds generate chemical heat during germination and need to be cooled to avoid mold and rotting.

  • The EasyGreen Sprouter uses a patented technology where mist and oxygen are applied simultaneously to the seeds, thus both cooling the seed�s water and air and oxygenating the seeds and water.
Sprouts require little water but abundant amounts of oxygen. Other automated sprouters and conventional sprouting methods supply plenty of water yet only provide natural air displacement.

The Easy Green Sprouters automatically soak, rinse, mist, oxygenate and drain seeds, producing the quickest harvest of perfect sprouts every time. No known system allows the same flexibility!!!

     The in-built reservoir permits the adding of minerals: such as kelp or hydroponic solutions to enhance growth or hydrogen peroxide to assist in disinfecting the crops.
  • The Easy Green Sprouter uses only a few litres of water in 24hours due to its fine misting activity.

      Seeds germinated in conventional sprouting methods such as jars, bags, trays etc. need to be MANUALLY rinsed 3 to 6 times a day. The Easy Green Sprouter rinses automatically as many times as needed a day during the complete growing cycle.

      If you are serious about consuming organic, healthy, clean food daily with minimal work and maximum results - there is only one sprouter- The EasyGreen Sprouter.

The Easy Green Sprouter

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