compact multy juicer and processor
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                                                          Why  fresh  fruit and vegetable juices?

Compact Multy Purpose Juicer, Mixer and Extractor

white compact grass juicer white & red compact juicer bonus.jpg
the-new-compact multy food processor

The new Compact multy juicer and processor    

The new Compact multy juicer and processor uses minimal bench space as the name implies. The low RPM (75-85) of the Compact and the gentle crushing and squeezing process, is similar to a Cold-Press method, therefore generating minimal friction heat. Your juice can retain up to 60% more nutrients than conventional juicers and the valuable enzymes remain alive. The Live enzymes are what aid your digestion and help your body absorb nutrients, boost your energy levels and immune system.

This will allow you to store your juice in the fridge for up to 48 hours without loss of flavor nutrients and appearance. The Enzymes extracted from your fruit and vegetables will aid the digestive system, help your body absorb nutrients faster and more efficiently and boost your energy levels.

The 12 year warranty on the motor and 5 years on parts indicates the quality of  this kitchen appliance and is a clear advantage over other juice extractors.
The new design is more streamlined and smaller, therefore taking up less valuable  bench space.

Chemical laboratory tests have shown that up to 87% of hazardous chemicals can  be removed from the juice using the mill-type method of juice extraction.

store-to-48Hours.jpg lifetime-motor-warranty.jpg
  • Low Speed, Amazingly quiet to run
  • Quick & easy cleaning
  • Simple assembly & disassembly
  • Maximum retention of nutrients & living enzymes
  • Higher yield with drier pulp
  • Bonus mincing attachment
  • Pasta & noodle maker attachments
  • Sausage maker attachment
  • Lifetime warranty on motor
  • 5 years warranty on parts

The New Generation 'Compact' Multi Food Processor Combines a 'Living Juicer' extractor with many other food  processing functions that sets it apart from the rest.

The Bonus Mincing Attachment will have you mincing meat

& making sausages like a professional           rrp AU$349.00

         Introductory special price of only                AU$269.00

                                           Postage + Handling  AU$20.00

                                                                 Total AU$289.00


Mincing Attachment price bellow is for those which needs to puchase another one than the one 
received as Bonus with the Compact Juicer.

                                                     Mincer Attachment Price = $49.90 +
                                                                                                   $15.00 postage
                                                                                      Total =  $64.90

                                                          Slicer / Ice Shaver Price = $59.95 +
                                                                                                      $15.00 postage
  ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ---
Compact Multi Food Processor $289.00
Mincing Attachment $64.90
Slicer/Ice Shaver $74.95

                As Recommended by Dr Sandra Cabot



                      Store fresh juice up to 72 hours

Built-In Intelligence
The reverse rotation function will automatically activate to clear the product if overloaded.
The power consumption will be controlled automatically if excess pressure is applied or a foreign object is inserted into  the feeding chute, preventing possible serious damage.
Voice and sound indications.

The most powerful with a motor capability of 2/3 hp compared to 1/4 hp of other "Living Juice Extractors".

The number of revolutions per minute (rpm) is the lowest of any Twin Gear "Living Juice Extractor" at an ultra low 70~80 rpm to preserve the maximum amount of nutrients and living enzymes.The living enzymes extracted from your fruit and vegetable will aid the digestive system, help your body absorb
 nutrients faster and more efficiently and boost your energy levels.
glas-of-juice.jpg veges-juising.jpg
Fruits & Vegetables Juicer
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wheatgrass juicer
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purees / bay food
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frozen fruit-deserts & sorbets
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nut butters
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mincer.jpg minsed....jpg
mince maker
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meat & veggie patties
sausoge-maker.jpg sausages.jpg
sausage maker
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dressings, dips & salsa
Compact Living Juicer -
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