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Grain-Mill - Golia Novital - 1 HP


Novital Grain Mill Golia 1 Hp Great for making beautiful fine flour, cause flour or grain cracker, does 80 to 240 Kg per hour. 

Comes with severl different size sieves so you can do what you want.

Guide above is when using grains, such as Wheat, Oats Barley etc, some herbs and spices.

Use with other produce as with Carob pods etc would need to be trialed by the purchaser after purchase.

12 months warranty

This is used to mill quickly very large quantities of cereals such as maize, rye, oats, barley and others like these. 

It is equipped with an innovative dust-proof tank to contain the milled product.

Technical Details
ENGINE: 750W - 230V HOURLY GRINDING: kg.130 of maize with a sieve of 2.5 mm; kg. 260 with a sieve of  8 mm. (the production can change according to the degree of humidity). SAFETY ENGINE DEVICE to turn automatically the power off in a case of overload, to protect the engine. SAFETY DEVICE to prevent the access to the blades, with 3 forced contact points to avoid any accident risk. It is equipped with 6 SIEVES: 2.5, 4, 6, 8 mm and 1 & 1.5 mm. are supplied to give very fine flour. CEREAL FLOW REGULATION: direct and self-adjustable. INSTALLATION: it is steady on its 3 support legs, to make easier the replacement of the sieves and the removal of the dust-proof tank.

Grain Master Golia Novital - 1HP AU$770.00

A Revolutionary First In
Milling Technology


You can mill any of these with your GrainMaster WhisperMill  for a healthier, tastier way of eating...
 barley.gif BARLEY
Barley flour deliciously thickens your soups and sauces.
Backwheat .
 beans.gif BEANS
No cholesterol! Bean flours make excellent dips and topping.
 bran.gif BRAN
Bran is used to make breakfast cereals, cakes and good for meatloaf mixtures.
 corn-grains.jpg CORN
Make fast and delicious corn meal for breads and muffins.
 millet.gif MILLET
Millet is a good substitute for rice. It is good in casseroles or as a cereal.
 oats.gif OATS
Oats are great for making biscuits, muesli, bread and porridge.
rice.gif  RICE
Rice flour is perfect for people with gluten intolerances.
rye.gif  RYE
The Whole Grain Flour Mill helps you make your own rye bread.
sorghum.jpg SORGHUM - RED
 soy.gif SOYBEANS
Soy milk is a great alternative for those who are allergic to dairy products.
peas.gif SPLIT PEAS
Legume and vegetable flours enhance all of your foods and homemade soups.
wheat-cammut.jpg WHEAT
Use freshly milled flour in all of your baking. Wheat is the staff of life.

Grain crops like Wheat, Corn, Rice, Barley, Oats, Rye and Millet are an important energy source. They're low in fat and high in carbohydrates and the proteins (essential for body building, healthy muscles, bones and teeth), lipids, vitamins and minerals needed for good nutrition.

Flour from Grains

It is prepared by grinding and sieving grains, primarily wheat. Wheat flour is suitable for use as an ingredient in the preparation of baked products.

Other grains such as barley, buckwheat, corn, rice and rye can be ground into flour and are often mixed with wheat flour in making certain types of bread.

The milling process by which flour is made separates the wheat endosperms from the bran layers and the wheat germ and then reduces the endosperms chunks to fine powder. Commercial mills must remove the wheat germ from their flour because the highly nutritious oil (like any fresh food) has a limited shelf life and is therefore not compatible with modern supermarket and warehousing needs. 28 of the 30 known minerals, vitamins, and trace elements found in a single grain of wheat are typically lost in the commercial milling process to produce white flour with an unlimited shelf life. In the USA, commercial millers are forced to artificially add 4 minerals or vitamins back in what they call an "enrichment" process. Australian flour millers are not under any such obligation.

A commercial miller can make flours of widely varying quality.

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