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Grain-Mills, Grain Master, Whisper Mill:

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Grain Master - Whisper Mill AU $695.00
Now $450.00 + 50.00 postage
If you are in Victoria, contact us for a BETTER postage PRICE - 0417568159 -
A Revolutionary First In Milling Technology

Revolutionary Microburst® Technology

Handy Countertop design

Simple to use

Easy to clean

Lifetime Warranty

Whisper Quiet

The GrainMaster Whisper Mill® is the result of thousands of hours of research and years of constant testing. It is in-tune with today. Now you can enjoy the great taste of natural, whole grain flour any time. It's always ready in an instant. The new GrainMaster Whisper Mill® is compact, powerful, and built to last for years to come.

Special Features

Mills all hard and soft grains and legumes instantly.

Large capacity 12 cup flour canister is perfect for storage Separator lid requires minimal cleaning and is dishwasher safe. Adjusts from coarse to pastry fine flour, with a touch of the dial. Revolutionary design with Microburst® technology makes milling heads more powerful.

Quiet technology puts the GrainMaster Whispermill® in a class by itself.


The GrainMaster Whisper Mill® is made of the highest quality materials by trained, master craftsmen.

The heart of the mill is a patented, surgical quality stainless steel Microburst® milling chamber.

The mill is the most advanced way to mill grain today. It has all the advantages of the old slow turning stone mills plus it's so much more convenient to use in your kitchen.

There's no nutritional loss, gumming, jamming or glazing. And the GrainMaster Whisper Mill® will not overheat.

Each mill uses a 13/4 peak horsepower 240 volt motor. It is permanently lubricated and never needs maintenance. It will give you a lifetime of trouble free service.

The GrainMaster Whisper Mill® is truly the world's first innovative, ultra-quiet, high speed flour mill.

This remarkable new mill with its revolutionary design and incredible new Microburst® technology also boasts another first, a Lifetime Warranty!


Nutrition experts have joined in praise of the GrainMaster Whisper Mill® as a way to use 100% of nature's goodness to improve your health and nutrition.


For storage, place the separator lid on the mill hopper and snap into place. Everything stores cleanly and neatly together. With the storage lid on, you have a convenient countertop container.



You can mill any of these with your GrainMaster WhisperMill  for a healthier, tastier way of eating...
 barley.gif BARLEY
Barley flour deliciously thickens your soups and sauces.
Backwheat .
 beans.gif BEANS
No cholesterol! Bean flours make excellent dips and topping.
 bran.gif BRAN
Bran is used to make breakfast cereals, cakes and good for meatloaf mixtures.
 corn-grains.jpg CORN
Make fast and delicious corn meal for breads and muffins.
 millet.gif MILLET
Millet is a good substitute for rice. It is good in casseroles or as a cereal.
 oats.gif OATS
Oats are great for making biscuits, muesli, bread and porridge.
rice.gif  RICE
Rice flour is perfect for people with gluten intolerances.
rye.gif  RYE
The Whole Grain Flour Mill helps you make your own rye bread.
sorghum.jpg SORGHUM - RED
 soy.gif SOYBEANS
Soy milk is a great alternative for those who are allergic to dairy products.
peas.gif SPLIT PEAS
Legume and vegetable flours enhance all of your foods and homemade soups.
wheat-cammut.jpg WHEAT
Use freshly milled flour in all of your baking. Wheat is the staff of life.

Grain crops like Wheat, Corn, Rice, Barley, Oats, Rye and Millet are an important energy source. They're low in fat and high in carbohydrates and the proteins (essential for body building, healthy muscles, bones and teeth), lipids, vitamins and minerals needed for good nutrition.

Flour from Grains

It is prepared by grinding and sieving grains, primarily wheat. Wheat flour is suitable for use as an ingredient in the preparation of baked products.

Other grains such as barley, buckwheat, corn, rice and rye can be ground into flour and are often mixed with wheat flour in making certain types of bread.

The milling process by which flour is made separates the wheat endosperms from the bran layers and the wheat germ and then reduces the endosperms chunks to fine powder. Commercial mills must remove the wheat germ from their flour because the highly nutritious oil (like any fresh food) has a limited shelf life and is therefore not compatible with modern supermarket and warehousing needs. 28 of the 30 known minerals, vitamins, and trace elements found in a single grain of wheat are typically lost in the commercial milling process to produce white flour with an unlimited shelf life. In the USA, commercial millers are forced to artificially add 4 minerals or vitamins back in what they call an "enrichment" process. Australian flour millers are not under any such obligation.

A commercial miller can make flours of widely varying quality from the same wheat. Most commercial whole wheat breads contain substantial amounts of white flour. True whole wheat grain flour is darker, coarser and stronger in flavour than white flour. Because the bran and germ are present, whole grain flour has a limited shelf life and goes off if stored at room temperature for longer than 72 hours. Freshly milled however, whole grain wheat flour is rich in protein, thiamine, niacin, minerals and dietary fibre.

Like most foods, flour does not provide a complete supply of all essential nutrients. Other ingredients used in making bread, especially milk and yeast, provide some additional amino acids, vitamins, and minerals. Soy flour, rich in protein and amino acids, can also used be as a bread improver when added to whole grain flour in home made bread making.

Why to Mill your Flour?

By making your own flour with a GrainMaster as and when you need it, your body absorbs all the goodness that nature packed into her wonderful seed grains. You get to enjoy all the delicate oils and vitamins that are so important to your health, but so easily lost or damaged in the commercial milling process.


The wheat from which most bread is made has proven to be one of nature's most perfect foods, full of vitamins, minerals, and many trace elements.

The seed of wheat is made up of many parts consisting of three basic categories:

The bran, made up of many layers of vitamins, minerals, and rich proteins, forms the tough outer covering. This part of the wheat also provides valuable roughage which acts like a sponge to absorb and remove unwanted poisons and toxins from our digestive system.

The germ is the life-giving part of the seed. It's packed with vitamins B and E, but once milled, it can only last 72 hours at room temperature before going rancid.

The endosperm, (or the white centre) is mostly starch with very few vitamins. This is the part of the wheat that most of todays store bought milled flour is made from.

For centuries wheat was milled into flour with large milling stones which crushed the seed grain into whole wheat flour. There were no supermarkets for selling flour, and so people made their flour as and when they needed it, ensuring minimal time difference between making flour and eating the results.

To ensure today's milled white flour lasts long enough to sit in warehouses and on shop shelves for months on end, todays millers have had to remove all trace of the bran and the germ - losing at least 22 of the 26 known vitamins and minerals in the process, and all of the valuable roughage our bodies need to absorb and remove unwanted toxins and poisons within our digestive system.

You get whiter, fluffier bread, cakes or pastries but you get them at a price. Health problems such as Obesity, Diabetes, Hypoglycaemia, Heart Disease, Bowel Cancer and Tooth Decay are just some of the major diseases on the upswing since the introduction of white flour in the 1900's. Many nutritionalists agree that that white flour and other refined foods are largely responsible.

Millers have tried to counter the problem through "enrichment" or adding vitamins B1, B2, Niacin and Iron. But there are at least 26 known vitamins and minerals in the whole wheat kernel. How can you enrich something with 22 fewer qualities than you started with? And why strip the natural goodness from our food, then artificially restore a part of it back? Wouldn't it be wiser to eat the wholesome natural food in the first place?

By making your own flour with a GrainMaster as and when you need it, your body absorbs all the goodness that nature packed into her wonderful seed grains. You get to enjoy all the delicate oils and vitamins that are so important to your health, but so easily lost or damaged in the commercial milling process.

The flour you'll produce from a GrainMaster is very soft and smooth. You'll feel the slight oiliness of the natural life-giving wheat germ. This type of flour will take on moisture fast, is easy for the body to digest and utilise, and (if you like the taste of fresh quality ingredients) will enrich the taste of everything you make from it.

For many years the health and flavour benefits of freshly milled flour has been lost to the western world in the name of convenience. But now with the GrainMaster, you can have it all in minutes. Simply pour in whole grain wheat (or any other cereal or lentil you wish to mill) turn on the switch, and the whole grain flour is made almost instantly.

Not only will you enjoy the health benefits, but your own flour will cost you a fraction of the price of bought flour.

It's so simple to mill your own flour as and when you need it, but if required, a convenient storage container allows you to keep the fresh flour for up to 72 hours at room temperature and even longer if refrigerated.

Designed to look at home in todays modern kitchens, the GrainMaster is a God-send to anyone interested in giving their bodies the best nature has to offer.


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