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Depression Counseling:

Available in English and Romanian Languages!

 Lifestyle Medicine Therapist
           I will help you restore your health to enjoy your life.

Lifestyle Medicine Therapist
Depression Recovery Program Director
Helping to:
Identifying the Depression and its Causes
          Lifestyle Treatment for Depression
                 Nutrition for the Brain
                         How Thinking  can Defeat Depression
                Positive Lifestyle Choices
           Stress without Distress
Living Above Loss
            Improve your Brain Function
Depression Counseling encompass minimum 10 Sessions for Depression Recovering Success.
Best success will gain by Face to Face workshops. This way you will receive direct ,
individual and personal support suited for your own personality.  You are a very unique, special loving soul, and you need to be treated as such.
Computers, emails, other means - interpose between you and your counselor, and the help you receive will be much limited, because you are not lifeless, electronic or magnetic impulses or white board or paper.
This is limited if Counseling is done especially by emails.
Telephone counseling is the second
Email counseling - will be accepted as the last opportunity, if no other way available.

Service: Quantity: Price:
       In House Health Counseling:
      Email Counseling: 2-3 emails AU$ 50.00
4-6 emails AU$  90.00
7-10 emails AU$ 120.00
Online - $1.30 per minute ($78/hour)
Free first email then from $3-$5 if you decide to hire me.I will work with you!

    Telephone Counseling:

Please select below if you wish to book 
a telephone session.

All telephone sessions are at 50 minutes each.

AU$ 130.00
4 Weeks - one of 50 min/week

The fact that someone has been in contact with us - whether by telephone, letter, email or in a face-to-face meeting - is strictly confidential.
 So too is everything that the person tells us. Some callers prefer to remain anonymous - and that's fine.

For more information or to make an order, please contact:
Answers to Health and Happiness - Australia
0417 568 159
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